Custom Countertops On A Small Budget? Tips For Cheap Kitchen Renovations

Should you be hoping to install custom counters in your kitchen but are concerned with the cost, never fear. There are several ways to achieve an attractive home on a meager budget. Below are a few ideas you can do yourself to choose your kitchen the envy in the neighborhood:

Chalkboard paint seems really beautiful in the kitchen, in fact it is very easy to do yourself. One particular new trend in house designs is zinc custom made countertops, but they can be considerably pricey. A less expensive alternative to putting in zinc is to paint your own personal existing counters with chalkboard paint. You can tackle this specific project yourself in just a day or two. While not as durable since actual zinc, the chalkboard paint is still fairly strong. You will have to be careful with how you will place heavy items or perhaps hot pots on them. If however you notice a nick somewhere, it is very simple to repair by simply re-painting that area.

Stainless is all the rage in several kitchens, so it is no surprise that numerous homeowners are applying it with their customĀ Giza Stoneworks countertops as well. It is possible to hire a contractor to setup the stainless steel, or you can try it for yourself if you are fairly handy. You can aquire inexpensive sheets of steel flashing and cut those to size. Then, simply add the metal with some water nails, allow it to completely dried, and you have a brand new addition in your stainless kitchen.

If you want to save money, consider painting your personal existing counters yourself. There are numerous of ways you can create a fake granite look. One way is always to prime the tops using a good quality paint primer. When it dries, paint the particular tops completely black. Subsequent, get some acrylic paint inside white, grey, and dark-colored. Swirl the paint on top until you achieve the look of stone. Once that has dried up, apply several coats regarding polyurethane to set the fresh paint completely. This process will take many days, but the outcome is quite nice.

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